My main aims with stories

  • To be silly and absurd: To provoke glee and deep belly laugh.
  • To wake up and reenchant; using stories to connect people with nature. To bring a little of the wild abundance of the hedgerow of imagination to the monoculture and rewild the soul. To contribute to the ongoing creation and ‘feed the dream of the world’, as Michael Meade so eloquently howls about. To reawaken an enchantment with the natural world, reconnect the human heart with the world we are slowly destroying. Without that heart language, without feeling, we will not act to change the destructive path we have taken.
  • To see in the dark, find meaning, guidance, and hope: Connecting people with their truth and deep knowing inside – finding wisdom for the difficult times, and hope. Seeking guidance and gleanings from the old tales in our search for understanding and deeper knowing about the inner and outer worlds. Sniffing out the badger’s way. I love the way stories can bring a healing light to certain experiences of our lives. I’m especially interested in resurrecting the deep feminine wisdom held by old stories, and working with others to create healing autobiographical stories.
  • To face the murk: Being often furious with the state of the world, I create historical stories to provoke thinking, awareness, and discussion on issues that I care about. Stories can humanise a global dynamic, put it into a manageable size and get people chewing the cud on it. Hopefully people come away with another level of awareness of our history. Particularly I’m interested in the history of society in the UK and our relations with the world. Why don’t we riot? Why can’t I just live in a cabin in the woods without a whole heap of bother? Why is there such a legacy of patriarchy and gender-based violence? Why not face the reality of our imperial legacy instead of wearing rose-tinted specs?
  • To share and cross cultures: I love sharing stories with people from other cultures and connecting with people who have come to the UK or those I meet while I’m roaming elsewhere. I believe in the power of stories to open hearts thanks to my learning from South Sudan.
  • Etc.