How I work with stories

Telling Tales

Photo: Jenny Steer

I tell stories from here and there – traditional, adapted and invented – at events and festivals, forest schools and storytelling nights, around the fire or in hushed rooms, into the ears that will listen, to trees and birds and anywhere else I have not thought of yet! I tell for entertainment, for wisdom gleaning, and to connect people with nature and each other. If you require a story to entertain, to awaken, to bring people together, or for a bespoke project or event please use the contact page to connect with me!




Creating Stories

 Bespoke stories

Do you have a project you would like to capture in story? Or an event where a story could create a particular atmosphere or context, perhaps linking the present with the cycles of time? I love working with others to capture their stories. Click here for the story I created for the FLOW project on the River Exe, combining the tradition of wassailing, the history of the place, changing human relationships to the natural world, and the essence of the project.

Historical stories: A Boxful of Tales

This project is an experimental, catalytic hoard of chewy facts, historical ponderings, stories and anecdotes – personal and poached – that came about largely as a response to the polarity and hypocrisy stirred up by Brexit. The stories are a wandering through land and time covering the witch trials, colonialism, land grabbing and other capitalistic fall-out, coupled with a self-steered box of materials to open the neurons and invite dialogue and exploration of themes still affecting our lives in present society.

I tell the stories I create based on history, stir in some facts and juicy quotes, then open a discussion with the audience asking ‘how do these processes from history still bear relevance to society today? Where do we see similar processes taking place today? Where do we carry these legacies within ourselves? How might we face the difficult things of the past in order to heal and move towards a fairer world?’

These stories would suit any secondary history class with a leaning towards critical thinking.

Connecting people and nature

I love using stories to help us remember our connection with the wider family of creatures and the land we live on.

I am honoured to currently be Storyteller in residence for a new community garden that aims to provide a safe and healing place for people from various marginalised groups to connect with each other and nature through gardening. I will be using stories this year to help welcome people to the land, and help the land to have her say too, as well as inviting people to share stories from their own cultures.