Upcoming shenanigans

  • Two-day workshop in Bristol, 16-17th November 2019 hosted in collaboration with Coco Kamiwing.In a time where literal thinking and linear ways of being have taken the reigns, we have found ourselves in a world deprived of soul and meaning. As age-old nurturing friends of soul, mythos and imagination are calling us home to balance. Facing disconnection from our true place in the wider family of nature, can we retune and learn to re-embed the stories of our lives within the mythic natural world?Join us on a journey of curiosity and exploration into the wild within and without, through the lens of story and creativity. In this two-day workshop, we will explore stories and the mirrors they hold up to our own lives, practise skills to enable alternative ways of knowing and meeting the world around us, and tune in to what symbols and synchronicity the natural world is offering us, as an invitation to remember our belonging within wilderness. We will also try out applying a mythic lens to stories from our own lives, which can offer an empowering re-framing to challenging times.

    £110-£140 sliding scale

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    Please get in touch by email if you’d like to come.

  • 28th May 2019 – story walk to the source of the River Windrush with Anthony Melville and the bioregion forum crew.
  • Various things in the pipelines including stories at ancient sites, the river, workshop in Orkney… watch this space